Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another Moment of Weakness

In yet another moment of weakness, I purchased a Patio Tree Rose from House of Wesley, which I later found through Dave's Garden to not be a reputable on-line gardening vendor. (Ian could try hiding my credit card, but I have the number memorized.) I was tempted to cancel my order, but it was only $20, and if I am in the 5% of satisfied shoppers, it will be well worth it. If not, that's a good lesson learned. I expect the plant to ship bare root and look mostly dead when I get it, so unless it's just an absolutely shriveled up twig of a stick, I should be happy. It's just so cool how they've combined the Peace and Chrysler hybrid roses on the same stem. I still have high hopes that it will turn out well ... Besides, I have the Time-Life volume on roses to help me nurse it through!

While on the House of Wesley website, I was also tempted by the Climbing Shell Plant. It was only $4 though, so it's not that much of a gamble, and if it turns out to grow, it will be really cool. (They also threw in a couple of free gifts that supposedly value $10.) I think the pastels of the flowers will complement the pastel yellow of our house very nicely. The plant is supposed to grow up to 20 feet and spread up to 3 feet. Maybe I can train it to grow on a trellis up the side of the house ... I read somewhere that these plants grow in the wild in California. What a beautiful site that would be to stumble upon!


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