Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Surprises

The herb garden was covered under several feet of snow this Winter at least four times. I was surprised to find so much green after the snow melted. I expected a brown twiggy mess!

herb garden

The chives are from seeds I sowed two years ago. They finally look ready to eat!

I learned today that parsley is not an annual as I had previously thought, but a biennial. A biennial does not bloom until its second year and then dies. This parsley didn't bloom last year, so I guess it will push out some seed this year and then retire. Although it's a biennial, I didn't expect to see it thriving under all that snow!

parsley survived winter?

The chamomile was the big surprise. This is definitely an annual plant, but doesn't seem to know it. I sowed chamomile two years ago (with the chives), and it reseeded itself last spring. It did not bloom last year, so this is the same plant that survived countless hard freezes and of course a lot of snow.

chamomile survived winter?

I just never know what to expect from plants! It's like they've got a mind of their own ...



At 2:10 PM , Blogger Priscilla said...

Well look at you!!! Your chives are beautiful!! I had to ditch mine after 3 years. It got some aphid looking black bug.

But I got a new one! Yay!


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