Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hyacinths on Display

We purchased two of these cement planters from Home Depot for the Hyacinths. We tried "antiquing" them, attempting to create a weathered look, but everything we did just looked bad. We ended up painting them white, and although it isn't what I had hoped for, I think it still looks nice. Once the Hyacinths start to show their pale lavendar, pink and white blooms, I think the planters will be better off white anyway.

The Hyacinths are doing well after their transplant from a plastic window box. I see the first hints of a bloom peeking through the leaves on many of the plants. I am excited to see what colors come up. I purchased the multi-colored set of bulbs just so I could be surprised by their display.

I was reading up on the propagation of Hyacinths, and it is very intimidating. Most bulbs are easy to propagate, just pull off the little baby bulbs clinging to the side of the parent bulb, but Hyacinth propagation requires slicing into the parent bulb to expose the offspring. As my Time-Life Encyclopedia of Gardening says, "Propagation of Hyacinths is best left to the professionals."


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