Thursday, July 10, 2008

Favorite Views

The garden is constantly evolving. Flowers fade, new sprigs emerge, stalks are cut back in hopes of reblooming. Instead of focusing on the stressed areas in my garden; ie, the newly moved plants that are fatigued and yellowing, the bare spots left behind by exhausted bloomers, a crop of weeds not yet pulled, etc, I prefer to focus on the beautiful areas. It's amazing how gardeners can train their eye to hone in only on the attractive sites and completely disregard the ugly!

This is my favorite view in the perennial border. The yellow callas are showing off their fresh blooms in one unified display color, the veronica has not been completely widdled away by the bees but still sports a striking splash of purple, the coneflower is not yet ragged from the harsh summer sun and preying insects, the coreopsis is thick and lush and not hunched over from a fresh rain, and the baptisia is towering proudly over its fellow plants. I like to turn my chair in this direction and just bask in the perfection of this area!

perennial garden

I also love this little section of the fern garden. The maidenhair fern is spilling delicately over its rockwall container, and the white impatiens are gently snuggling up to offer a blanket of protection from predator slugs who like to strike in the night. So cozy!

maidenhair fern and impatiens

The squash look so happy and healthy that, although I know how easy it is to grow squash, I can't help but take pride in having grown these plants from seed. I like the way their foliage is reaching toward the sky, their broad leaves cupped as if trying to catch the rain.

bottom right garden quadrant

I love the constant cycle of change in the garden!

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At 10:56 PM , Blogger Tami said...

It is delightful how much you appreciate your surroundings. I do the same thing – pick areas to focus on and try to pretend the less than perfect places don’t exist. I am enjoying the green very much!


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