Friday, August 15, 2008

Surprise Guest

As I was admiring my knockout roses this morning, I was surprised to find that some of the blooms had taken on a purple tint. "Wait a minute," I thought, these are red knockout roses. Besides, purple knockout roses don't even exist yet. On closer inspection, I regained my sanity and found that a morning glory vine had somehow made its way into the rose bed and was climbing up the canes, intermingling its lovely purple hues with the fading red roses.

morning glory with knockout roses

I can't even begin to imagine where this surprise guest originated! There are no store-bought plants in this bed, so the morning glory couldn't have hitched a ride in a potted plant, and I haven't added foreign soil to the rose bed in two years!

purple morning glory

My only guess is that this seed traveled via air wide and far to reach its final sprouting place, but that idea is pretty far-fetched.

purple morning glory

Regardless of how it got here, I really like it. I think next year I will plant a couple purple morning glories on purpose!

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At 6:30 PM , Blogger Tami said...

The morning glory is such a pretty climber ... creeper ... whatever it is considered. My parents have had their vines since they moved into their house back when I was in third grade. They have never had to do anything with them.

At 7:58 PM , Blogger Magnolia Sun said...

What a beautiful garden, you really do have a very green thumb.


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