Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tobacco Hornworm

I recently noticed some bites taken out of my Roma tomatoes. I blamed it on the birds since the bites were big and birds were the likely culprit! I was really ticked off too, because these tomatoes were just about ready for harvest!

tomato hornworm damage

The birds were cleared of the crime when I noticed this HUGE bug-thing latched onto one of the stalks. Can you believe how big this thing is? It's a monster!

tomato hornworm

On closer inspection, I found four more of these fatties, but none were as big as the first one.

tomato hornworm

It turns out, these are tobacco hornworms and are commonly mistaken for tomato hornworms since they look so similar.

These bugs really freaked me out. I didn't actually touch any of them but just broke off a piece of the tomato stalk and tossed them in the trash. I had a problem with killing them, because they are so big. Hopefully they are in the landfill having a good old time munching on garbage now!

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At 2:30 PM , Blogger Mr. Chris said...

One time my tomacco crop was infested with both tomato and tobacco hornworms. Doh!

At 9:38 AM , Blogger Tami said...

You know me, if Ashley and I had found these, they would be in a box in her room making cocoons right now. I bet they turn out to be beautiful moths.
I AM sorry they ate your tomatoes. It looks like they ate quite a chunk. I didn't know they ate that much!!

At 2:51 PM , Blogger Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I can send you one if you want Tami :)


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