Thursday, August 06, 2009

Fuchsia Planters

I have been very happy with the concrete planters this year. I paired Firecracker Fuchsia with red begonias and accented the planting with a green-gray variegated ivy and corkscrew grass.

fucshia in planters

The fuchsia didn't bloom all that much, but I really like the pink and green-gray foliage regardless of the flowering traits of the plant. The whole arrangement just feels calming to me, and the pale foliage accented with burgundy streaks complements the colors of our house very well.

fucshia in planters

Last year's planting of coleus and sweet potato vine was just too dramatic for this area, which requires a warmer, softer tone to blend well with the gentle feeling of the roses and other English cottage garden plantings.

coleus and sweet potato vine


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