Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Our Progress to Date

Here is a picture of our house to date. It's looking pretty good!

We removed the flower box from the left side of the house and purchased new wood to rebuild it bigger and better. Once Ian gets it put together, I will plant the remainder of the Tulips and Daffodils in it for Spring blooming, and red and yellow cascading Begonias for Summer blooming! I am very excited about the new flower box!

Over a two-day period, we dug up and transplanted four shrubs from the right side of the house. Although it might not sound like much progress to have made in two days, transplanting shrubs is a serious pain in the neck ... and back ... and legs ... We have three more shrubs left, but we're not so adament about saving them, so it might be easier work.

We transplanted one shrub next to the mailbox, as can be seen in the above photograph, and the two boxwoods into the back yard on either side of a weathered flower box that will be removed sometime in the future. We hope to transform the back deck into a more pleasant place to hang out. As it is, it's pretty ratty. Although one of the boxwoods is larger than the other, we hope to even them out with some pruning and watering. The smaller shrub was wedged pretty tightly between two other bushes in the front yard, so it will enjoy the extra space, nutrients and sunshine it will receive here. There is one more boxwood wrapped up in a tarp that we have not yet re-planted. It's very spindly though, so we might not try to save it after all.


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