Friday, February 08, 2008

Take Off Old Man Winter!

Hey, Old Man Winter, I'm talking to you - take off dude! I am tired of brown grass, bare branches and cold winds! I want my garden back! I want my green grass back! I want to hear the happy chirping of little birds in the early morning and feel the warm sun as it rises over the house while I sip coffee on the back porch again!

I am tired of staring at this every day.

winter view of knockout roses

I want to see this again!

front yard view 9 2007

Look what you have done to my beautiful roses! How could you?

winter view of knockout roses

Step aside and let Spring make her way down the aisle so my roses can bloom again!

knock out roses august 2007

Your first breath of frost back in late October was admittedly beautiful, and honestly I was growing tired of watering, fertilizing and weeding the gardens, but I have put up with four months of this weather, and I'm ready to dig again!

first frost

I'm ready to see blooms of life again!

knock out roses august 2007

I am getting antsy. This is a dangerous time for me. A new plant catalogue arrives in the mail daily, and my desire to garden is so strong that I just might start making orders. No! Someone restrain me! I don't have the willpower to fight it! Agh!!!


At 8:44 AM , Blogger Tami said...

Everything seems so exposed this time of year. I am with you!


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