Friday, May 21, 2010

To Weed or Not To Weed

There is much debate inside my head right now about whether the evening primrose I foolishly planted two years ago is a weed. It is definitely invasive, but it's also quite lovely and pleasantly scented. It is choking the other plants out, and each time I pull it up, it just comes right back. I guess that does qualify it as a weed. Primrose spreads via roots, which makes it more difficult to contain than plants that spread via seed. It has even burrowed under the sidewalk to the soil on the other side!

knockout roses and pink evening primrose

I wish it were just 12" shorter, then I would leave it be, but at 24", it's hiding all my other perennials and spilling onto the sidewalk, which really annoys Ian!

pink evening primrose

I'll probably let the bees gather their last feeding from these blossoms today and yank it out this weekend. I'm sure it will be back in a couple weeks though. Gah ... When the seed packet said, "fills in quickly" I should have known what would happen!


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