Monday, March 27, 2006

That "New House" Look

The barren facade of our house gives the illusion of that un-landscaped, "New House" look. We are waiting patiently for our rose bushes to arrive, but they are not due for another 3 weeks or so. The bushes will be very small, so they aren't really going to transform the appearance of the house very quickly anyway.

Ian came up with a great idea to place three upright shrubs of some sort between the windows on the right side of the house to give the yard a more finished look faster. After a recent trip to the local arboretum, we found the "Graham Blandy" boxwood. I scoured the Internet and found a greenhouse in North Carolina that has three 6 foot tall plants in stock, but I am waiting for them to call back with a price. Unfortunately, we visited every greenhouse and garden center in our area, and did not find anything like what we want, so we might have to make a three-hour trip to get these.


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