Thursday, May 17, 2007

3-Tiered Planter

I bought this three-tiered planter last Fall on mega clearance from Lowes. I think I paid $9 for it. I was going to fill it with boring $1.50 annuals, because I didn't want to spend too much money on it, but then my MIL gave me a gift certificate to the Jesse Israel Garden Center at the WNC Farmer's Market. Thanks to her, I was able to fill it with much cooler flowers than petunias and impatiens! I chose a big geranium for the top tier, peach superbells and white verbana in the middle tier and lantana and verbana in the bottom tier. I just love the way this planter looks!


I haven't really been a big fan of geraniums in the past, but they were my Mom's favorite flower. It was near Mother's day when I was picking out these flowers, and when I saw the geraniums, I felt like getting one in memory of her. I think she would really like it (although I'm sure she would have chosen a red one), and I too am starting to warm up to geraniums. I really like the softly scalloped edges and fuzzy texture of the foliage.

The superbells are from Proven Winners. I have been lusting after Proven Winners plants, but I couldn't really justify the price. However, after buying these three, I am sold on Proven Winners. I think I will buy some of these superbells for my hanging baskets next year instead of trying to grow my own from seed. They are really worth the cost!


The foliage of the lantana has the greatest scent - it's very citrus-like. I really like the two-tone color of the flowers also. The flowers bloom all yellow at first, and as they age, the outer ring turns pink. How cool!


I think verbana is my new favorite annual. I don't even remember seeing verbana last year. I wonder if there was some sort of verbana shortage.

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