Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Healthy Fern

I bought this fern about three months ago, but I never blogged about it, because I always kill ferns, and I didn't want to doom this one by blogging about it. Well, it is still as healthy as the day I bought it, so I think it's safe to show it now. It sits next to the door where it receives indirect sunlight all day, but very little direct sun and very little wind. I water it nearly every day, and mist it lightly to ensure all of its fronds are well-saturated. (My Time-Life Fern Encyclopedia instructed me to do this.) It's grown quite a bit since I bought it, and I am wondering what to do with it when Winter hits. I guess I need to bring it in the house? I really want to keep it alive, because I love giant ferns, but I never want to pay the $30+ dollars they cost. I have always tried to grow ferns, but with no luck. In fact, I killed two plants this Spring in record time. Poor little things ... that's what they get for putting them on sale at Lowe's though. I guess I'll look around on the Internet for information on over-wintering ferns. I suspect this big-boy is going to end up in the house all winter, and that's not something I am looking forward to. The house is getting crowded enough as it is.

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