Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Fun Never Ends!

It seems like we should be finished with the front yard since we have spent so much time and money getting it to this point, but we actually have two more projects in mind. First, we intend to replace the railroad ties that are currently forming the flowerbeds with a rock wall. And second, we plan to replace the grass in this triangular section of the yard with a more tailored groundcover - maybe Purple Wintercreeper. The rock wall needs to be done before the groundcover though, because we will trample the groundcover trying to install the rock wall. We're not exactly sure what kind of rock wall we want, and since we are going to build it ourselves, we need to do some more research to be sure we build it properly. Rocks are not as cheap as they should be, so we don't want to waste any money doing things wrong.

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