Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Grow Little Roses!

Unfortunately, some of the roses got spider mites. I purchased some rose spray and they are now recovering slowly, but their growth was really stunted by those little buggers. The roses in the left bed were mainly affected as you can tell from the first six pictures below. I have been spraying all the roses once a week for the past three weeks, and the stunted roses finally started growing new buds, which is good, because they were getting really spindly.

The roses in the right bed are growing like crazy. This is surprising since we spent so much more time preparing the soil in the left bed, but the roses in the right bed do seem to get more sun. I guess it's just a learning experience. Kitty Moo-Moo is currently my star performer. If all my roses were growing like Kitty Moo-Moo, the garden would be grand.

I also think I haven't been watering the roses enough, so I started watering them twice or three times a week instead of one. I laid off the Miracle Grow for a couple weeks to make sure the plants weren't getting overfed.



Fat Tony


Baby Bop



Nanny Ogg

Kitty Moo Moo


Ming Lei


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