Monday, April 17, 2006

Climbing Roses

Even with the Graham Blandy shrubs planted, the house seemed rather stark and rigid and needed some softening up, so I decided climbing roses behind each of the three upright shrubs would do the trick. I remember seeing bagged roses for cheap in early Spring, so we went on the hunt. I thought white or yellow climbers would complement the house nicely and not compete with the brilliant red blooms that would someday erupt from the Knockout roses. Light colors would also provide a nice background for the deep green of the Graham Blandy shrubs. We finally found some climbers at Home Depot on sale for only $2.50 each. I know I don't deserve for them to grow since they were so cheap, but they look really healthy and have sprouted new growth after only a day in the ground.

We purchased two Yello Casino climbers and one White Dawn climber. They have probably been sitting on the shelf at Home Depot for two months now, and I figured we would get them home to find their roots dried up and dead. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the packaging kept the roots moist but not water logged, and that they looked healthy! We planted them in the well-prepared bed according to the directions on the packaging, gave them a nice long drink, and this morning they had new growth shooting up already! I am very excited to watch them grow.

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