Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Graham Blandy - Not so Bland ...

Ian brought the Graham Blandy shrubs safely back from Laurel Springs, and I think the trip was well worth it. We cultivated the bed and enriched it with manure, peat and top soil and finally got the shrubs planted. Lining them up was a real chore. They are currently around 6 feet tall and will grow to be 10-12 feet tall at the rate of 1 foot per year. They won't get much wider though. I think they're the perfect shrub for the job, and they're also quite unique, as I have not seen anything like them around here. The picture isn't so great, because it was taken with a camera phone and there are some pretty hard shadows obstructing the view.

The Knockout Roses are shipping this week, so the fun in the front yard is almost over ... thank goodness.

We're not sure what to do about the hose in the right flower bed. It's really an eye sore.

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