Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sun Hogs

I think the roses would be growing even more if it weren't for the caladiums hogging their sunshine. I don't even water them very often and they're still taking over! They are gorgeous from the road too.

When we replace the railroad ties with a rock wall, we are going to increase the depth of the bed by a foot or so to allow the caladiums more room next year. The roses are currently tolerating the caladiums crowding in on them, but I doubt they appreciate the intrusion.

I am surprised that we are the only house in our neighborhood with caladiums. We saw a lot of caladiums in Mobile, but I guess people don't want to bother with digging the bulbs up in the Fall. Down South, they can be left in the ground during Winter, because it does not get as cold, but here they cannot.

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At 9:42 PM , Blogger rpm said...

Those caladiums are so pretty. Your flower bed/gardening looks so beautiful.

At 11:22 AM , Blogger mypugsblog said...

Hi Tammy - thanks for your comment about crate training not working. We tried that with Meimei and had the same results - cleaning poo/pee off her every day. I know Pugs are hard to train - and I guess it was just good to know that we weren't the only ones! I love your garden - I wish I was that motivated in our new yard.


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