Friday, May 18, 2007

Strawberry Growin' Bags

I purchased these Strawberry Growin' Bags from Park Seed. The bags are great, because you can hang them from a fence, or a nail on the side of the house, so they take up very little space. Strawberries require a lot of space in the garden because they ramble along the ground, so using these bags is a smart idea. I ordered them near the end of Winter, and they arrived in late March. The plants came bare root, and they were all in excellent condition. They shipped 25 plants total. There are 20 slots in the bags for the plants, and you can put two in the top of the bag. I lost only 2 plants, and that was when a late freeze came through the area. The plants are thriving, and there is already fruit on the vine. I really recommend this purchase if you want fresh strawberries and don't have much space to grow them.


However, the time has passed for ordering these plants on-line. I ordered some for my MIL three weeks ago for Mother's Day, and all the plants that arrived were rotten, so I had them ship more. Out of that order, only 7 plants were not rotten, so again, I had them ship more. I was able to fill the bag with mostly unrotten plants from the last shipment, but just barely. I'm sure some of the plants won't make it though. I was really disappointed, but I should have known better than to order bare root plants so late. They can only stay dormant for so long. Park Seed tried to keep them dormant longer than they should have, probably by keeping them in a refrigerator which caused them to freeze, and the plants suffered when they started to thaw. So, if you don't order these before they start shipping tender plants, don't order them at all.


Strawberries require full sun and a good deep watering every other day. Keep the fruit safe from birds by putting a fine mesh net over the bags. Otherwise, the birds will get your whole crop!

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At 4:30 PM , Blogger busymom said...

I have two strawberry bags that I planted about 4 weeks ago and they are growing very well, they already have little white flowers with what looks like tiny baby strrawberries in the center but I read that you should remove these and not allow your plants to produce berries for the first year because it weakens the plants do you know if this is true or not and and can you suggest something preferably organic to spray on my plants to keeps bugs away?


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