Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Biltmore Garden - The Conservatory

We visited the Biltmore Estate this weekend and spent a lot of time in the gardens and conservatory. The conservatory is home to mostly tropical plants, many of which I do not know the names of, but I will share some pictures here and maybe someone else can shed some light on their names.

This is one of my favorites, so I will share it first. I love the chunky star-shaped bloom on this plant - I bet it tastes like a marshmallow - LOL! The soft lavendar color is a nice change from the bright reds and pinks of most tropical plants.

biltmore conservatory

Speaking of bright reds and pinks, here is a lovely tropical flower. It reminds me of a Hawaiian shirt print. I think it would make a great shirt or sundress, or it would look lovely tucked behind my ear.

biltmore conservatory

There are many iron-work benches located around the grounds of the Biltmore. I want to find a nice antique bench for myself, but I doubt I could afford this one!

tammy biltmore conservatory

A beautiful lily bloom. I like the focus on this picture.

biltmore conservatory

A flamingo topiary. There were two of these in the conservatory. I bet they were fun to make!

biltmore conservatory

A bee collecting pollen from an orchid. I think the pollen on his legs look like those horrible moon boots my mom made me wear when I was in 5th grade! Since the awful fashion of the 80's seems to be making a come-back, I guess this bee is styling!

biltmore conservatory

The bloom on this plant reminds me of a mobile, like those hanging over childrens' cribs. It was so delicate and intricate, and each time I look at the picture of it, I expect to see it start whirling around like a mobile.

biltmore conservatory

A view of the conservatory from outside. Can you tell how hot it was that day? I chose a bad day to wear my hot hair down!

tammy and ian biltmore gardens

Ian in an archway in the conservatory.

ian biltmore conservatory

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At 6:08 PM , Blogger Tami said...

Thank you for posting these! These are beautiful photos and you and Ian make a beautiful couple :)


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