Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Limoncello Petunias

I bought a pack of Limoncello Petunias from Park's Seeds to grow along with Chaenarrhinum Summer Skies. I sowed the petunias indoors in March and they finally bloomed in June. They grow very slowly at first, but once they are blooming size, their growth rate speeds up drastically. The germination rate was very low, and the seeds I attempted to sow outdoors did not even pretend to sprout, so if you try these seeds, be sure to sow 3 to a peat pod and don't bother sowing outdoors.

My blooms are not quite the same color as Park Seeds shows. Mine have a greenish center instead of rich yellow as advertised. They have lived up to their blooming hype though, as they have bloomed repeatedly, and the plants are never bare.

limoncello petunia

Here they are 2 months after sowing.


The first blooms appeared 3 months after sowing.


Removing spent flowers will keep them in better bloom. I have not been so good about this, because petunias are surprisingly sticky, and I don't like to touch them!

limoncello petunia August 2007

I'm probably not going to sow my own petunias next year, because it was really disappointing. Out of an entire packet of 50 seeds, only 4 plants survived. Those are pretty poor statistics! I am torn though, because I read that a great location to place your tray of sown seeds for germination is on top of the refrigerator. I have been sowing mine in the "spare room." Maybe that room just doesn't offer the best environment for flower seeds. I am going to try the refrigerator method next year, and maybe I will toss a few flower seeds in there just for the fun of it. I guess we'll see what the "winter blues" causes me to purchase from the seed catalogue!

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