Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Impatiens in the Flower Box

I'm not very good with flower boxes. I can't quite envision how big each plant is going to get and how they will look together when they are in and out of bloom. I guess I just need some more practice.

Sometimes I do get things right, although it is usually by accident! Like this year, I really like what I have going on in the flower box on the side of the house.


I combined four impatiens and two verbena with a gerbera daisy. The impatiens grew like crazy! I guess the early morning sun followed by a day of filtered shade was the optimal growing environment for these guys.

The gerbera daisy only bloomed a couple times, but I am OK with that, because the pink blooms of the daisy didn't really match the orange blooms of the impatiens. The verbana would have bloomed more if I had kept them dead-headed, but geesh ... what a chore!

Here is a pic of the flower box when I first planted the flowers.


Funny how it turned out! I expected the gerbera daisy to be the tallest plant and the verbena to really fill in better, but the impatiens decided to steal the show!

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