Monday, July 30, 2007

Coreopsis - A Lovely Perennial for the Lazy Gardener

If you have a dry spot that needs some sprucing up in a hurry, Coreopsis is your miracle plant! Generally the rule of thumb with perennials is that it takes three years for a new plant to really get established and reach its full height and blooming potential, but Coreopsis defies this rule by performing like an annual and reaching full size in its first season of growth!

Coreopsis loves drought, is a fast grower and a prolific bloomer!


This versatile plant can be combined with any combination of perennials or annuals.


These three Moonbeam Coreopsis plants were purchased from Bluestone Perennials in mid-May. When I received the plants, they were only about 3" in height with two or three stems per plant. In that time, they have grown faster, performed better and required less water than any other perennial I have ever planted. They reached maturity in just 6 weeks! Their habit is very neat and requires no staking or dead-heading. At just 18" in height, these plants can fit into your garden anywhere.


Coreopsis is best know for its yellow hues but can also be found in pink, raspberry and white combinations. Bluestone Perennials has a nice selection of Coreopsis and carries my personal stamp of approval!

Just because you don't have hours to spend tending to your garden doesn't mean you have to have a barren yard. Give Coreopsis a try and you will be pleased with the results!

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