Friday, July 13, 2007

Fresh from the Garden Dinners

Caution! This post will make you hungry. Do not read unless you are in arm's reach of a Snicker's bar or something equally satisfying. Mmmm ... Snicker's bar.

I successfully created squash babies by hand pollinating the fruit! I was very excited to eat the first squash, which came soon after the first attempt at hand pollination. We have harvested a dozen or so since then, and more keep coming each week!

We have also been harvesting green beans for the past couple weeks. They are crisp and sweet and new ones keep appearing on the vine every other day or so!

Here are a couple dishes we made using the squash and green beans.

A yummy stir fry with squash, green beans, chicken, onions and broccoli.


Grilled squash and green beans with pan-seared flounder.


Green beans with lamb chops, mashed potatoes and tomato and cucumber salad.


We have had an overabundance of cucumbers, and we are trying to be creative in eating them, but there is really only so much you can do with cukes!

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