Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Life and Times of the Sugar Snap Peas

The sugar snap peas have come and gone, and they were incredibly delicious! I didn't realize when I planted them that these are not shelling peas but that the entire pea pod is edible. I was pleasantly surprised by their incredibly SWEET and CRISP taste! I'm only sorry I didn't plant more of them, because they went TOO FAST! I had planned on freezing some for Winter use, but there were only about three meals in the 4' row I sowed.

Here are some peas ripening on the vine.



And here are some meals we cooked with them...

Red curry with chicken, sugar snap peas, red pepper, onions and potatoes. We usually add pineapple to this dish to cool it off, but the sugar snap peas did the job even better!


Nothing beats a nice sautee with butter and sugar! Don't cook them too long though, or you'll lose the crispness.


I will plant these again in the Fall when it cools off, because they don't like the hot Summer sun. I am going to go for a full 9' row this time though so they last longer! If you have space, I highly recommend them. You can order them here from Park's Seeds.

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