Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One To Go

We have just one garden bed left to dig out! I have tried two weeks in a row to dig in this garden bed with little success. It has just been too wet, and the ground is a little frozen! Trying to separate soil from grass and weeds in a muddy mess is no easy task, especially in this overgrown bed.

garden beds in early morning

We purchased the 2" x 8" x 10' planks this weekend for building the garden beds. I wanted to get them built this weekend so I can sow lettuce, spinach and peas next weekend, but that didn't happen. After we bought the wood, we found that it would not fit in our SUV! We called everyone we know with a truck, but no one was home. At one point we decided to pay Lowe's $60 to deliver it, but then backed out. Finally we decided to leave the wood there and pick it up later when a friend was available to loan us his truck. This was also a fiasco that involved us having to return the wood and buy it all over again, but in the end, we got the supplies home.

Now that we have an extra hour of daylight, we plan to work on building the garden beds an hour a day every day after work. Yeah, we'll see how that goes! It's easy to make a plan like that when lying on the couch watching TV at 9pm on a Sunday night - not so easy to actually do after a long day of work though!

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At 9:35 AM , Blogger Tami said...

I wish you much success!


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