Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still Blooming!

The knockout roses are still blooming, and covered with new buds.

knockout roses and perennials

It's amazing how much these shrubs have grown over the past year. They are over five feet tall now!

August 2007:

knock out roses august 2007

knock out roses august 2007

October 2008:

knockout roses

knockout roses

The yellow casino climbers are still blooming too.

knockout roses

These climbers have a strong spicy scent that makes up for the knockout roses' lack of smell. And they're pretty too!

golden shower climber

Our first frost is just a couple weeks away, and then I'll have to say goodbye to these lovely blooms until next April.

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At 6:42 AM , Blogger Tami said...

Wow! They have grown! You should cut the flowers off before the frost. At least you would get to enjoy them inside for a little while longer.


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