Friday, April 10, 2009


Any time we dig in the yard, we find plenty of Japanese Beetle larvae. Not only are they disgusting little things, but they evolve into even worse creatures - bugs whose sole purpose in life is to destroy the plants we hold dear. Note that this is not my hand. I would never touch one of these things ungloved.

Around this time of year, the larvae are just starting to form their outer shell, so they can still be squeezed easily between a pair of gloved fingers and put out of their dirty misery. This weekend, as I was digging out a new flower bed, I squeezed a dozen or so larvae then tossed them onto the hot pavement for good measure - there's no surviving that! The larvae got their revenge on me though when I became careless while issuing the ultimate penalty and the "juice" hit me square in the face. It was so disgusting. I'm glad I was wearing sunglasses. Their justice was short-lived as I decided to just stomp them from that point forward.

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