Monday, October 20, 2008

Squeezing Every Last Vegetable from the Garden

Although we had our first "light frost" last night (it was 30 degrees when I woke up), we are still working to squeeze every last vegetable from our garden. I just read that we had a freeze warning last night! Woops! I didn't bring anything in! I hope my huge boston fern is still alive out there... I'm kind of afraid to check.

We harvested a heap of green beans and some green peppers yesterday and still have a plethora of eggplant trying to ripen.

I love these hansel eggplants from Park's Seeds. They are just the right size for stir-frying, and contain absolutely no bitterness!

eggplant from the garden

Ian combined the eggplant with some green beans ...

green beans from the garden

... and some other ingredients not from the garden to create a scrumptious Chinese dish. He made it up, so it really has no name. It had teriyaki, soy sauce and brown sugar in it. Oh, it was so good!

chinese stir fry dinner

We're going to freeze up some green beans tonight so we can enjoy them throughout the Winter. They're not *quite* as good from the freezer, but still better than those limp things you get from the grocery store in December! We're going to miss the garden this Winter!!

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