Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mailbox Garden

I made a very feeble attempt to create some sort of mailbox planting three years ago, and it has become less spectacular and more overgrown with weeds with each year.

view of lawn spring 2008

I decided to just bite the bullet and invest some time into digging this area out, edging it and applying a nice deep layer of mulch. It took me over three hours to dig all this sod! Sod is evil.

new flower bed

I'm planning a pink/red motif in this bed. So far I have planted beardtongue and purple fountain grass. The beardtongue blooms pink, but the foliage is a lovely burgundy that will complement the burning bush in the Fall. I have some lovely gaillardia starters about ready for planting, but I haven't decided what else I want to put in this bed.

The neighborhood cats have decided to seed the bed with tootsie rolls. At this point, I think there are more cat droppings than soil in this bed! Too bad they won't grow ... Then again I'm afraid to consider what flower could come of a tootsie roll.

On another note, the clematis is finally pulling its weight in the yard this year! It probably helps that I remembered to fertilize it this Spring!


I like having this unfinished bed waiting for new plants, since I often see plants I want to purchase but no where to put them. Now I have an open-ended home for all my impulse buys, as long as they fit the color scheme, of course!

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