Monday, June 15, 2009

Bloomin' Hydrangeas!

I'm so excited that the Hydrangeas I planted two years ago are finally blooming. I was reckless in planting them in afternoon sun, but that's where I wanted them to be, so that's where they went.

When the gooseneck loosestrife exploded this Spring and hid the plants almost completely, I was worried that they would get crowded out and suffocate.

loosestrife, hydrangeas and hollyhook

As it turns out, the hydrangeas love the shade that the loosestrife have provided and are putting on a lovely show in return.

The Penny Mac surprised me with beautiful blue poms.

penny mac hyndrangea in bloom

The Woodlander and Nikko Blue are just starting to bud out, but I will get photos as soon as the flowers open more.

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