Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Current Front Yard View

The front yard is coming along nicely. Although the view from the road is not all that spectacular due to the sloping yard, I'm still pleased. The grass is even looking greener this year - too bad it's mostly weeds, but you can't tell that little detail from this photo!

house view

I love the disheveled view down the pathway caused by the perennial bed that was installed last year. The coreopsis is going to town, and I can't wait until those buttery yellow blooms start to open!

pathway view

The curving lines of the new perennial bed help to soften the hard lines of the rest of the yard, and that fresh layer of mulch helps hide its sparseness! This bed will be overflowing with goodness this time next year - hopefully!

new perennial bed

The knockout roses are performing beautifully again.

perennial bed view

This view from the front door has always been one of my favorites.

front porch view

I hope to replace the concrete sidewalk with a stone path eventually, but that is not high on the to do list this year. We'll see what the summer brings!

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