Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Potted Plants

I started teaching Group Fitness classes last Fall, and I have set aside all my earnings as my "plant allowance." With my first round of allowance, I purchased all new ceramic planters for the back deck. The previous planters were those horrible fiberglass pots that had broken down to the point of uselessness.

potted plants

This pot holds lantana, verbana, petunias, strawflower and decorative grass. It's all very young now, but it will grow bigger and fill in the space nicely.

potted plants

This cute little blue pot holds osteospermum, angelonia, euphorbia. This is my favorite potted arrangement so far.

potted plants

The yellow pot holds lantana, mint, tri-colored sage and verbana.

potted plants

Ian's Aunt and Uncle gave us this birdbath for Christmas. We didn't realize it was a birdbath when we opened it. It looked like a shallow pot to me, and I immediately had a plan that involved succulents mapped out for it. We decided to use it as a birdbath instead though. The birds aren't interested in it, so I think it will get transformed in the future. I don't think they like it being so low.


The large blue pot currently holds a big elephant ear that has not yet sprouted. I am planning some other plants for that same pot, but I haven't found what I want yet.

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