Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I finally got a rain barrel - for my birthday!

rain barrel

Ian has been "planning" to make me a rain barrel for over a year now and finally decided to just break down and buy one. It doesn't matter to me - I just want a rain barrel! With all the rain we've been getting, it will be full in no time!

I noticed that Home Depot has free instructions for making your own rain barrel that involves using a trash can. They claim their home made barrel costs only $32. I'm sorry to say though that a trash can will never withstand the pressure of all that water, and it will split wide open eventually. If you're thinking of making your own rain barrel, stop by a soda plant and ask for one of their used syrup barrels. They can only use them one time, and they are sufficiently strong to support the pressure of a rain barrel.

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Happy Birthday!


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