Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Japanese Snowball

This is year 3 for the Japanese Snowball I purchased from Greenwood Nursery. Since the shrub was supposed to bloom its first year planted, I gave it an ultimatum this year - bloom or get composted. He decided to bloom. Smart choice.

I was surprised by the flat white blooms reminiscent of lacecap hydrangea flower heads, since the photo on the Greenwood Nursery website shows a snowball shaped flower. The blooms are slightly fragrant and lasted only 2 weeks, despite the Greenwood Nursery claim that the shrub blooms from May-September. I think they may have shipped me the wrong shrub!

japanese snowball finally blooming

The shrub is supposed to reach 8-10' feet, but since it looks like mine is not the shrub I ordered, I have no clue what size it will reach.

alpine snowcap and japanese snowball

I'm fine with this plant, although it's not what I wanted, but I'll leave it in the yard, mostly because it reminds me of a rubenesque pomeranian I once knew. Yes, I know that's weird.

This is not the only issue I have had with Greenwood Nursery, but it is another reason why I do not purchase plants from their website any more.

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