Friday, July 09, 2010

Breaking the Heat

It has been so hot here for the past week - the news claims it reached 100 degrees yesterday, and I'm tempted to believe them. I don't generally believe things reported on the news, but it was really, really hot, so they may be onto some real facts with this one.

I have been watering the garden from the rain barrel, lugging the watering can up the hill to give the plants some relief from the scalding sun. Sure, it's not that far of a walk and the hill isn't that steep, but did I mention how hot it is? Very hot. Yesterday the rain barrel went dry, and I had to set the hose loose on the garden. I have to admit it was nice to not lug can after can of water, but I'm trying to be a good steward of our natural resources so I use the hose sparingly.

Last night we caught a break - it finally rained! It was such a wonderful, full blown downpour. The rain barrel is full again, and the plants are invigorated. I'm quite thankful seeing as we're down to our last 3 dozen squash, and if we hadn't got that rain, the plants might stop producing. LOL! It's supposed to rain again tonight and possibly tomorrow. Bring it on. I won't complain of a "ruined" weekend at all!


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