Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumn Baskets

Autumn is really my favorite time of year. I love the crisp cool air, the chilly nights and mornings, and the warm golds, deep reds and brilliant oranges of the decor. I was inspired by the hanging baskets and potted arrangements at the Biltmore House and decided to do something more adventurous with my own Autumn baskets this year. I usually just stuff a mum in the center and call it done, but after my visits to the Biltmore, I just couldn't bring myself to be so mundane this year!

I found some gorgeous burgundy foliage and yellow pansies with complementing burgundy centers at Jesse Israel last weekend. The selection was pretty slim since it is the end of Summer, but the burgundy foliage matches beautifully with the new burgundy growth on the knock-out roses, so I felt pretty lucky to have found these plants. I put together this arrangement for my two hanging baskets.

autumn hanging basket

This was really a stretch for me, because I am generally a very symmetric person, but I absolutely love the asymmetry of this arrangement! The jagged spikes set off the soft scallops of the pansies and other burgundy plant (I can't remember the name) so nicely. I'm proud to have jumped out of my own little box of symmetry and into a new and exciting world of flower design!

For my side box, I chose more of the burgundy foliage and yellow pansies and added a beautiful yellow mum to the center.

autumn basket

The burgundy plants are tropicals, so they won't make it through the first hard freeze. I'm going to try to overwinter them inside so I can enjoy them again next Autumn. I am running out of "inside" room though!

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At 3:28 PM , Blogger Tami said...

I am amazed with the "trouble" you go to - planting them outside, then digging them up and taking them inside. You must love it or you wouldn't do it. They do look beautiful and I love the spikes also!
I normally just buy mums too.


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