Friday, March 21, 2008

Wascally Wabbit!

A rabbit has been munching on my tulips.

rabbit eaten tulip

How do I know it was a rabbit? He left his calling card.

rabbit poop

There's no denying who those pellets belong to. This really ticks me off, because I bought these tulip bulbs for their unique foliage. See that super awesome white line running up the side of the leaves? Pretty cool, eh? Well, it would be cool if a rabbit hadn't gnawed the leaf half off. I hate rabbits. If they get near my veg, I will get a shotgun.

So now I'm looking for rabbit deterrents that do not involve ammunition, because Ian says I am not allowed to buy a gun. What a buzz kill. I have found the following recommended solutions:
  • mothballs
  • plant green onions among the plants
  • place a fake hawk or owl around the yard
  • sprinkle red pepper spray on the ground (how do you sprinkle a spray?)
Of course the most recommended solution is a fence, but I'm not going to construct fences around all my flower beds. That would be silly. If only I had a staff, I would bop those rabbits on the head and move on with life, but alas, I have no staff. I never should have stopped playing World of Warcraft.

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