Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cupid Tomatoes

I have grown Marcellino cherry tomatoes for the past three years for their crisp, tangy flavor, but each year they seemed to become more prone to splitting. This year I decided to give another variety a shot and switched to Cupid, which is actually a grape tomato, but still a nice little bite-sized treat.

The packet of Cupid seeds cost $3.95, the same as Marcellino. When I went to sow them, I was shocked that there were only 10 seeds in the packet since Marcellino ships with 30 seeds! Each of the little Cupid seeds cost .39! That's kind of pricey for a seed in my experience, but Park's proclamation of them being, "Simply the best grape!" gave me hope that they would be worth the extra cost.

I sowed the seeds indoors in February, set out transplants in mid-May, and we started harvesting tomatoes in late June, a little earlier than we ever harvested Marcellino.

We have had a very rainy Summer, which generally leads to cracked tomatoes that rot on the vine. Despite all the rain, I have not found one cracked, split or otherwise damaged tomato on any of the six plants.

The one complaint I have about the Cupid is that they seem to be particularly susceptible to blight. Most of the plants have been stripped 3/4 the way up their stem of all leaves due to infection. I spray them with fungicide every Saturday, but still, the blight keeps coming.

If you are fed up with splitting cherry tomatoes, give Cupid a try next season!


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