Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring in Bloom

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. Hooray! It's finally here! I have many lovely blooms in full force to welcome Spring's arrival.

This Alpine Snowcap from Bluestone Perennials was planted in the Fall of 2006. Mine doesn't look as good as their picture, but they probably don't have a naughty little Pug that pees on theirs every morning either.

alpine snowcap in bloom

Bluestone Perennials sells most of their plants in sets of three, and although the plants they ship are very small, they grow incredibly fast. When we first planted this plant, it was only this big.

alpine snowcap

But it reached this size in less than a year.

alpine snowcap

They are also very good about honoring their guarantee. I have replaced plants with them in the past, and they are very friendly about it, and the plants arrived quickly. Bluestone Perennials is my #1 pick for ordering perennials on-line.

My daffodils are also in beautiful bloom!

path of daffodils

The blooms have lasted longer this year than previous years, and I am happy about that. I purchased these bulbs from Jesse Israel over the course of two years. This spot gets a lot of sun, not enough water, and honestly is too heavy with clay, but most of the bulbs have been persistent about returning each year. I love daffodils. In another two years, this strip should be overflowing with bulbs since they multiply so rapidly.

Although I do love the yellow flowers, this white and yellow one is my favorite.


I like buying the mixed sets so I am surprised every year at the varieties that pop up. I guess I always forget that they're mixed until they start blooming! LOL!

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