Wednesday, November 01, 2006

End of Season for the Knockout Roses

Now that we have had our first frost, the Knockout Roses will finally stop growing, well, I think they will at least. They still have some buds on them and some flowers, but I bet they're about spent for the year. I look forward to watching them branch out more next Spring, but I am very happy with the plants so far.

The bushes in the left bed did better than the right. I suspect it is because we spent a little more time preparing the soil in the left bed. All the bushes in the left bed are about the same size and have branched out evenly.

Some of the bushes in the right bed are staked to keep their branches off the ground. The camera phone doesn't take the best pictures, but you can see that Baxter is the plant on the far right in this picture. He has been my top performer, even though he's in the "less well prepared" bed.

I look forward to watching the plants branch out more fully next Spring. I don't think the bushes will get much taller than they are now, but they will definitely get fuller.

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Baxter Season Review

The growing season is over, and the Knockout Roses have definitely exceeded expectations. Here is Baxter's most recent picture and a photo diary of his progression.







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