Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There's not much to blog about in the dead of Winter. It's been so cold, in fact, that even my spinach has given up! I do still have my houseplants though, and I really like houseplants! Let's take a look at some of my favorites.

This is an escargot begonia. It gets the name, "escargot" from the swirling leaves that resemble the shell of a snail; ie, escargot. (I have eaten escargot, and it is mighty tasty btw.) There are many types of begonias, and this one is considered best as a houseplant. It can live outdoors in very tropical climates, but in the US, it's going to perform best inside. I have had this plant for 7+ months, and it has done great. It prefers to dry out between waterings, and likes a nice deep drink when you do water it.

escargot begonia

This particular begonia is not known for showy flowers, in fact, its flowers are quite modest. This plant is grown and appreciated for its foliage. I love the subtle red tint around the edge of the leaves.

escargot begonia

This is another begonia grown for its decorative foliage. I don't think the specific name of this plant was on its tag when I purchased it, but if it was, I don't remember it! I enjoy putting together groupings like this. I think the asparagus fern does a nice job filling in the empty space here.

potted plants

I like the contrast of deep purple with soft sage.


I've had this ponytail palm for three years now. It has required repotting each year, and will get as big as you let it. It can grow to eight feet tall if given a big enough pot! I think I prefer mine to remain miniature. This plant is very easy going.

ponytail palm

It stores water in the base of its trunk, so if you forget to water it, there is a reserve! I try to water this plant once a week.

ponytail palm

This is my second African mask. The first one lived over a year, and really its demise was my own fault. I forgot to water it. Sorry little guy. I'll try to do better with #2.

african mask

And here's another little grouping I put together.

potted plants

If you're wondering what I do with my giant Boston Fern during Winter, here it is!

norman with the giant fern

It takes up a lot of this room! I really need to divide it this year, I'm just not sure how to get that job done.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Woo-hoo! Our drought has been downgraded to a D2! We can wash our cars. Well, if we can find the cars under all that dirt we could wash them. LOL! It has been raining quite frequently, and the river and local ponds have been noticeably higher. I'm glad the drought commission has finally recognized this and lowered our rating so we can put some of this water to use.

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