Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Welcome Signs of Spring

We transitioned from snowy Winter to sunny Spring very quickly this year, and the lovely flowering cherries, forsythia and Bradford pears are in full bloom to prove that this is not another one of Mother Nature's hoaxes!

This spectacular cherry is only in bloom for two weeks in the beginning of Spring. Even the lightest rain causes the delicate little blooms to tumble quickly to the ground. This tree is two doors down from our house. Our immediate neighbors to the right (who bought their house new in 1968 and raised three children in this neighborhood) used to have their Easter photo taken in front of this tree every year. What a fun memory! This tree is nearing the end of its life, but such is the cycle of life, even in the plant world.

spring in bloom - asheville

Another gorgeous weeping cherry a little ways down the road from us.

spring in bloom - asheville

The blossoms are so lovely. Photographs don't even begin to capture their beauty.

spring blooms in asheville

The forsythia is in full bloom all around town. Golden yellow blossoms are helping to hide the naked tree lines and give us something nice to look at!


And of course there are plenty of daffodils to hold our attention.

spring yard - asheville

These crocuses add a nice splash of purple to the barren landscape.

spring crocus

We can always count on the early blooms of quince to bring a little hot pink into Spring, blooming a little bit before the tulips.

lovely spring in asheville

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

So Long Winter!

Today is the last day of Winter! I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. The forsythia is in full bloom to bid the cold farewell, and the tulips are anxiously waiting to burst forth and welcome the Spring! I see new life cropping up with each coming day, and I'm so excited to get back into the garden. I must admit that I already planted sugar snap peas and onions, but I'm ready for some serious gardening!