Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Veg is Sown

I sowed the seeds of veg last week, and I am pleased that many little seedlings are already sprouting up. I received a seedling heat mat for Christmas, which is said to speed up germination and increase the success rate. After last year's debacle with the seeds germinating so slowly, I wasn't taking any chances this year!

I filled 85 little peat pods with 2 seeds each of the following varieties:
I have a ton of flowers I need to sow too, but I only have one seedling heating mat, so I am going to wait for the veg to sprout before sowing the flowers. Veg is more important to me than flowers, so they'll have to wait their turn.

It was so nice today - in the low 70's. I just wanted to get out there and DIG DIG DIG!! I have another 6 weeks to wait though. Bah!

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