Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sun Hogs

I think the roses would be growing even more if it weren't for the caladiums hogging their sunshine. I don't even water them very often and they're still taking over! They are gorgeous from the road too.

When we replace the railroad ties with a rock wall, we are going to increase the depth of the bed by a foot or so to allow the caladiums more room next year. The roses are currently tolerating the caladiums crowding in on them, but I doubt they appreciate the intrusion.

I am surprised that we are the only house in our neighborhood with caladiums. We saw a lot of caladiums in Mobile, but I guess people don't want to bother with digging the bulbs up in the Fall. Down South, they can be left in the ground during Winter, because it does not get as cold, but here they cannot.

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Knockout Roses Must be Weeds

I am pretty sure Knockout Roses are weeds, because I have only ever seen weeds grow this quickly! It is absolutely amazing how much they have grown. Here is Baxter's progress. Note how Ming Lei is already inching in on his territory. I thought it would take years to get them to grow together into a nice hedge, but it looks like I underestimated their growing power.





I am still applying the Miracle Grow for Roses every other week, and watering them three times a week. We have been going through a very hot spell (like the rest of the country), so they need the extra water. Thankfully, it has rained the past two weeks, so that has helped out too.

All of the budding growth is very healthy. The new branches are a little thicker than a pencil and very strong. The leaves feel healthy too - when rubbed between your fingers, they feel firm and kind of rubbery. When I first got the plants, they each had one or two very thin branches, about the thickness of the ink cartridge in a ballpoint pen, and they were no taller than 12 inches. I bet the plants were very young given the amount they have grown in the past 4 months.

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